The Lottery Loser  by Ryan Rossell
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What would you do 
if you won the lottery?
Recounted in the first person, this story follows four friends in their twenties who, having won the “big one,” travel around the world on what they deem the greatest bar crawl on earth. Their adventures in Las Vegas, Tokyo, Athens, Mykonos, Prague, Amsterdam, and Reykjavík are humorously depicted.

But not everything is golden. Through seeing the world they more clearly see themselves. They are altered, though not necessarily for the better. Friendships will be tested, morals will be challenged, and their lives will be forever changed.

Semi-autobiographical, it is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas mixed with I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell and a splash of On the Road.
The Lottery Loser ® 2011 Ryan Rossell,  Premier Digital Publishing